The Civil War has ended….

Both the Union and the Confederates have agreed to a ceasefire, but the fighting doesn't end out West.  After the Great Quake of 68, the superfuel Ghost Rock was discovered out in California, and every hombre and gal wants to get their hands on it, even if that means starving in the badlands that is the Maze.  Including the Rail Barons, who are all working to get their railroad across the Nation like the Devil himself was whippin' at their backs.  Meanwhile, the Good Reverend Grimme has declared the City of Lost Angels a sanctum for his holy flock, meaning that y'all gonna have to repent and join the Church of Lost Angels if ya wanna get some of the food the Reverend offers his followers.

The territory of California is a new land filled with danger and opportunity.  So go West and seek your fortune!

A Fistful of Ghost Rock is part one of the Quadrilogy of campaigns I will be running.  They are in this order 

Part One A Fistful of Ghost Rock

Part Two Dig Up my Grave at Wounded Knee

Part Three The Outlaw Jasper Stone

Part Four (Unnamed)

Deadlands-A Fistful of Ghost Rock

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