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Please repost your character in this game, assuming you are bringing him or her over from the last game.  Keep in mind that the game will begin with all of you on a train West to California in August of 1879, and this will be the first time you are all meeting.

If you have a backstory, post it as well.  I ask that everyone (through backstory or otherwise) is able to answer the following questions about their characters.

1) How old is your character?

2)  Where is your character from?

3)  The Civil War and other conflicts have torn apart America and it has affected nearly everyone's lives in some way.  Has your character served in the military (either Union or Confederates)?  Remember, the war started in 1861 and ended in a 'ceasefire' in 1878.  If he/she was, did they take part in any important battles?  (The Sioux 

4) Why is your character coming to California?

5)  Does your character have any friends out West?  Any Family? Any enemies?

Read if you are a Player

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